Beauty Therapy

Duration – 3 months

Time: 5 pm- 7 pm

In This Course

Persons will learn various aspects such as:

  • How To Manage The Salon
  • Maintaining Health and Hygiene
  • Maintaining Skin and Beauty Care
  • How To Perform Basic and Treatment Facials
  • Performing Manicures and Pedicures
  • Performing Make up
  • Eye Lash and Brow Services
  • How To Perform Waxing Services

Additional areas of the course will teach students several aspects of the business. Coming to the fore would be things such as:  

  • Facilitating the client journey, making appointments, completion of the services and handling payments from the respective clients
  • The provision of advice and recommendations on the beauty treatments and specific appointments
  • Portrays professionalism and values that meet the exacting standards of The Beauty Therapy Industry the requirements and expectations
  • Maintaining the standards of appearance and the salon/spa image, etiquette and hygiene

Generally – the student would also develop in their professionalism, entrepreneurship skills and business as well as the right tools and equipment which is needed to grow into your own business.

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Certificate- $1400 or Deposit $200 and $150 weekly for 8 weeks

CVQ-*Pay In Full – $2800 |or | Make a *Deposit of  $300 – followed by 12 payments of $208 weekly

** (Non-Refundable) your deposit is required on acceptance and the remaining is payable by instalment. All outstanding fee must be paid in full and the beginning of the last term in order to be entered for final exams.  **

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