TCI – Aftercare

It’s not the end, when your course finishes,we strive to form long lasting
relationships with our graduates through the PRO ARTIST TCI AGENCY– it’s
only the beginning. We offer up to date advice and direction as you start
your career. We offer support on business cards, career development, social
media and web design – All advice and opportunities are exclusive to TCI
Pros, giving you a better chance of success.

We are so proud of the opportunities we create for our students as part of the exclusive famous TCI aftercare plan, we provided internships for you to  start your journey.

TCI pro team has opportunities to support backstage at some the biggest events  meeting local and international celebrities, from top models, entertainers to high end designers. Great networking and portfolio building.

 With the TCI after care and ongoing support plan, you will receive free advice from a leading expert via phone, email or text at any time. You will also benefit from luxury brand discounts and master classes.  We also provide exclusive TCI shopping events offering larger than normal discounts on all make up and make up brushes. Leading brands which support TCI will give presentations and demos from the most current catwalk shows.

Masterclasses are given to keep your skills refreshed.

We’ve  developed great relationships with numerous top cosmetics brands who work with us to ensure our students have the best start in their make up career. Then, on completion of your TCI make up course, you will be offered amazing discounts of up to 40% on a number of high end cosmetics!

PRO team members development is endless – we also supply artist to music
videos, film sets, productions, Fashion magazines, Brides, Lead Cosmetic
counters, and many more wonderful Jobs and opportunities.

The brands that proudly work with us and alongside us are

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